Luke Fostvedt

Luke Fostvedt in San Diego 2018

Hello, my name is Luke Fostvedt and I am from Sun Valley, Idaho. This is my website where I post whatever I feel like. I tend to post on trips and locations and work I have done. I earned my PhD in Statistics in 2014 from Iowa State University. I currently work for Pfizer in the clinical pharmacology / pharmacometrics department based out of Cambridge, MA. I support programs across the oncology and dermatology portfolios. Since starting at Pfizer in October 2014, I have worked on 7 newly approved drugs (all new molecular entities). My quantitative roles includes: designing the PK sampling schemes, drafting regulator documents for submission, and conducting safety and efficacy analyses (e.g. PK/PD, PopPK, tumor inhibition, QT prolongation, etc.). I also have experience as a clinician for a mass balance study as well as being the clinical pharmacology lead on a Phase 3 study from protocol development up until full enrollment.

I have experience with statistical analysis for nonlinear modeling, reliability/survival analysis, time series, bayesian statistical methods, data imputation approaches, and design of experiments. I primarily use R, but also have experience using SAS, NONMEM, Phoenix, WinNonLin, and C++.

My research has led to many conference presentations and manuscripts. Please feel free to check out some of my posts. Selected R code is available on github.

contact: lukefostvedt@gmail.com
github:  https://github.com/fostvedt