The Freezing Rain Sidewalk Challenge

Freezing rain occurs almost every year here in Iowa. However it isn’t every year that the sidewalks and roads completely ice over. This is both entertaining and dangerous to attempt to walk up a sidewalk with any significant slope. Unfortunately the longest sloped paths I knew of were not icy enough, but we found some formidable sidewalks that were nearly unwalkable. The following video highlights Our attempts to walk the sidewalks near our apartment.

I had planned to drive to school to do some work, but when I noticed the solid layer of ice on the car, I gave up on driving to school. Felix and I then investigated the sidewalk situation as seen in the video above.

Freezing Rain Suburban

The freezing rain left a layer of ice a quarter of an inch thick covering the entire car.

freezing rain red car

freezing rain resulted in a solide layer of ice covering every car