Intramural Curling

Unfortunately the only time Curling gets mainstream exposure is during the Olympics. However this fun, and at times intense, sport should not be overlooked. Our intramural team full of first time curlers who didn’t know the rules, nor the vernacular was able to make to the semi-finals of the tournament. In the process we beat many formidable teams full of first time curlers.

Our expert sweepers, Ian and Mykal, made sure all our stones made it to the house and all the opponent’s stone slid right on through the house. Nick and Dan were our expert leads and I was the expert skip. When push came to shove, our biggest adversary was actually not our opponents but the slope of the ice which was usually poorly pebbled. Nonetheless we persevered and had a fun and successful tournament.

intramural curling

We put together a sweet intramural curling team full of rookies and still managed to make it to the semi-finals.