AERA 2013 Presentation: Two-level Quantile Regression

Are Teachers to Blame?: Two-Level Quantile Regression of Teacher Quality on Student Performance

The impact of a new science curriculum on students’ critical thinking skills was investigated using a randomized controlled study. A structural equation model is used to model students’ abilities and evaluate the impact of the quality of the teacher on student performance as measured by their improvement on the Cornell Critical Thinking Test. A two-level quantile regression is used to dissect the effect of the teacher and the Science Writing Heuristic curriculum on students at various quantiles. The quality of the teacher is seen to have the greatest impact on students at lower quantiles. However, the overall impact of the quality of the teacher on the performance of the students is marginal. The impact of the curriculum is seen to have an impact at many quantiles, particularly for students at lower quantiles.

Disclaimer: After this submission we began measuring implementation with a new measure and stopped measuring teacher implementation using RTOP because of the reliability issues.

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